Mirai Asahina and Liko Izayoi (aka Cure Miracle and Cure Magical), commonly the Maho Girls Pretty Cures, are the main characters in Maho Girls Pretty Cure!. They are first appearance in Warren Cook Gets in Dead Meat. She is voiced by Ivy and Julie.

They are 13-year girls, Legendary Wtich Pretty Cures, and study at GoAnimate Middle School. Mirai and Liko are also weekend activities are playing beach or pool, eating KFC, or watching movies at GoAnimate Theaters. In GoGang: School Ice-Cream Party, they celebrate with ice cream party.

Mirai's catchphrases are: "Did you just say!?" and "This is so exciting!"


Mirai Asahina is Liko's friend, and is a girl who excited by various things. She did not commit a antic as well. She's alter ego is Cure Miracle.


Liko Izayoi is a Mirai's friend, and is a Adolf Hitler's Japanese girl. She recycles some papers as well. She's alter ego is Cure Magical.


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  4. GoGang: Usagi Tsukino's Traveling Lesson
  5. A Love Problem: Mirai or Elly
  6. GoGang: School Ice-Cream Party
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