Warren Cook is a GoAnimate and YouTube user. "Good users" are calling for his head on a pike just because he makes things called "fake VHS openings". He is the prime example of why "good users" are not really good users at all.

Physical appearance Edit

Warren usually appears as the Mac Guy: a person with old style eyes used before 2011, brown short hair, a blue-white striped shirt, gray pants and dark gray shoes.

Appearances in the GoAnimate universe Edit

OliverWestern Series Edit

In OliverWestern's videos, a character named Warren Cook shares his name with this particular Warren Cook. See Warren Cook (OliverWestern Version) for more desc details.

Drillimation's Series Edit

Warren makes a brief cameo in Calooby gets in Dead Meat. He receives a red card, as punishment, for being really rude.